Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

As we all know the philosophy, change is the only constant, change should reflect in all perspectives of lives. When talking about software technologies, the change is apparently as fast as light. Each day, a set of new software technologies is replacing the old ones. We must continuously adapt ourselves to the new technologies in order to keep up with the pace and the competition. Now, business is almost incomplete without software. Be it banking, healthcare, service-based companies or product-based companies, software plays a vital role in each of these sectors. Enterprise software development is, thus, emerging as one of the most powerful areas in technology. All relevant and smart technologies are applied in developing these enterprise applications.

As we are witnessing a humongous transformation in the software sector, technologies which once appeared in Sci-Fi movies and books, are now a reality. Artificial intelligence, deep learning, cognitive computing, machine learning, neural networks, Augmented Reality, Cloud computing, edge computing, smart space, blockchain, automation are some of the trending technologies that will rule 2020. Here’s a concise information guide on the strategic trends of enterprise software development:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the pillar of many other technologies. AI is not a new technology of 2020, but it is still trending to be at the top of the charts in 2020. This is somewhat like cloud computing. Cloud is now quite wise and old but still, it has huge demand in software development field. Artificial Intelligence has a plethora of applications in deep learning, machine learning, neural networks and so on. Artificial Intelligence is that software technology, in which, the machine has a brain like that of a human being. In simple words, the machine has an intuitive and interactive software, with which, it can interact with the surrounding environment and make decisions that can lead the machine in achieving its goal.

Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

2. Data Science And Machine Learning

These two are definitely selling like hotcakes and you are quite aware of it, provided the copious adverts and mails you receive for pursuing certifications and courses on the same. Yes you are right! If you are interested in mathematics and statistics, but are working in software field, this is a perfect balance of passion and profession. In machine learning, data scientists deploy extensive mathematics and statistical models along with computer algorithims, and a programming language, e.g. Python. Machine learning, in layman’s words, is educating the machine to learn. With data science and machine learning, the machines can perform tasks without much instructions, but relying on specific patterns and interferences.

3. Revamped ChatBots

Chatbots are primarily driven by artificial intelligence, along with some other underlying software technologies. You might have seen now restaurant or food delivery apps, Uber customer care chat, and many websites have this automated customer care chat sections. These chats do not let you chat normally. Rather you are given options to choose from a set of answers. These are basically chatbots. Chatbots are becoming popular but their flexibility is quite low. The new decade may see an amelioration in the features and intelligence of the chatbots.

Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality was a hit in the last decade and the validation will continue in the coming decade also. There will be a huge number of virtual reality, and augmented reality applications and devices. In 2019 only, AR generated $16.8 billion USD and it will flourish further.

5. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an ingenious technology where all data are recorded in data blocks. Each block is connected to another block by means of cryptography. The blocks have a timestamp and a cryptographic hash that connect one block to its previous block. Blockchain is too a vast technology to be discussed in one single paragraph. It provides an entirely uplifted security, less business frictions, reduced cost, improvement in cash flow and so on. Blockchain technology is expected to rule the finance, banking and government sector.

6. Smart Spaces

Smart cities, smart homes, digital workplaces, which were once thought to be a fictious idea, now these are becoming reality. Smart spaces are technology that implement sensors and monitors to create a better human-computer interaction environment. Here also, Artificial Intelligence is the backbone technology. That said, IoT or Internet of Things will be deeply integrated. Smart spaces have opened a huge scope of software development.

7. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is based on the principles of quantum theory. It applies quantum principles in various sectors such as pharmacy, military forces, automobiles, etc. Information is represented in quantum bits, instead of bits, and that’s the primary difference between traditional computing and quantum computing.

8. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps consolidate the most modern web capabilities and technologies to deliver an app-like user experience. PWA facilitates the web applications with fast loading, user friendly interface, well crafted web designs, improved user engagement and others. PWA will be among the top 10 trends of software development in this year.

Top 10 Strategic Trends in Enterprise Software Development In 2020

9. Cybersecurity

Owing to the enormous extent of network security threats and malwares surrounding us, cybersecurity will gain more significance than before. According to various survey and research agencies, cybersecurity will top the priority list in case of any enterprise software, especially in the banking sector and sectors where online transactions take place. Cybersecurity market will hit the $300 billion mark by 2024. Even government of almost all countries are investing hefty amount for developing a strong combat system to fight the network security threats.

 10. Autonomous Robots And Other Stuffs

Robots, drones and self-driven cars are the latest devices that are impressing the world with their excellence. The enterprise and business industry are widely implementing these things. There are many hospitals where robots are deployed for taking care of patients. Many restaurants have robots for serving food to customers. There is no dearth of application, when it comes to robotics. Self-driven cars are giving tough competition to the experience drivers of European countries. Even online retail websites are deploying drones to reach out parcels to customers of remote area. It is expected that the autonomous vehicle sector will rise by 77% by the end of 2033.

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