Water Bean
Water Bean

Water Bean Filters purify Water Bottles from inside

Water Bean is a very useful water filters that is used to purify water from bottle. It often happens that we need to refill our water bottle from outside like a public water purifier or a cooler and we assume that it must be in its purest form. Besides a bottle after many use sometimes develops sediments due to water which is not always visible to us. We throw the bottle but with Water Bean you can use the bottles longer than before.


This filter is inserted in to the bag and fits that it won’t come out while drinking water. the bean coconut carbon granules that adds minerals for health and removes impurities. The purifier starts working after you shake the bottle. This simple yet effective water purifier is invented by Graeme Glen, an entrepreneur. Now, with Water bean you can anytime fill your bottle from any public drinking water tank. The inventor wants to increase the recycling of plastics to create awareness for environment. The price of the purifier is $12.95 which is approximately $13 and is available in three vibrant colors- bright red, bright blue and bright green.

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