Ara Prototype
Ara Prototype

Google’s Ara Prototype, phone with modular concept is much in progress

It seems Google’s Ara Prototype project is much in progress as a new video by Phonebloks has been launched in YouTube that gives us a good idea of how the project of modular phone is going on. Phonebloks is working on this project since a long year and it is something incredible that an entire smartphone will be made up of small modules of different functionality. For e.g. the phone processor will be in a separate module, the USB and charging port in a different module, the battery in another. The concept is that once a single mode stops functioning, it can be replaced without fully paralyzing the phone.


The video shows how the entire work is going on and it is wonderful to see how smartphone technology is progressing super fast. The process involves the selection of components and then a layout is being made. After that, the board is fabricated and the chip is passed through smoke test to check problems of overheating. After all individual modules are being tested, the phone case is fitted with the block as shown in the image above. The video shows that a tremendously fast progress has been done and e may see the phones arriving by next year. Let’s hope for that.

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