What Is Snapchat Best Friend Feature?

When you exchnage snaps with your friends on Snapchat over a long period of time you will eventually notice some emojis alongside their names. So Snapchat makes those contacts you spend a lot of time interacting with your best friend. 

Snapchat Best Friend in Detail

In personal life, you call someone your best friend when you interact with them a lot and have some sort of connection. Well, in Snapchat, your best friends are those with whom you have a lot of interaction over Snapchat in form of snaps and chats. These contacts might not be the closest in real life, but your Snapchat best friends. Snapchat marks those friends of yours as best friends by placing an emoji beside their name. 

Yes, you cannot just pick someone and put them on the best friend list on Snapchat. Snapchat has not been given the option, but you can certainly take control of yourself. If you want someone on the list, you have to increase the interaction with them. You can send them messages and snaps and also encourage them to pass on the same. When this interaction continues over a few days, the contact will be marked as your best friend by Snapchat. 

You can also make someone your Super BFF on Snapchat by continuing the interaction for months. If you are a serious user of Snapchat, then this will be possible with the contact you interact with on a daily basis. When someone becomes your Super BFF, you can add a snap streak emoji next to that contact’s name and that will stay as long as you maintain the streak. 


How Many Best Friends Can You Have on Snapchat?

Snapchat lets you have up to eight best friends at a time. This list also includes those you interact with a lot in the Snapchat groups. The best friend lost is updated regularly as per the level of interaction. 

You can view the list when you send a snap as they will appear on the top of all other contacts. 

How to change your best friends list on Snapchat?

Currently, Snapchat does not have any feature that allows you to change the list or delete anyone from the list. The only thing you can do for removing someone from the best friend is list is to reduce your interaction with them. And similarly, if you want to add someone to your list, you have to keep the interaction high and continue it. 

Also, if you stop the sending of snaps and messages with someone and at the same time increase with someone else, your best friend list will see a change. The new contact will easily replace the other one is very short like, like within a day. 

Another dicey way to remove someone from the list is the block and unblock game. First, block the contact and then unblock and you will see the contact is removed from the list. 

So, comprehending the whole thing, you cannot manipulate the list like a pick and drop mechanism and only Snapchat can do that. The algorithm works well to pick those contacts you interact the most with and that is how this game works.

Earlier, Snapchat enabled the best friend list to be viewed by everyone but it has been changed with various version updates. Your best friends list can not be viewed by anyone now and you may consider it good or bad as per your point of view. It is good that no one will know who you interact the most with. But yes, the missing emojis will keep you wondering if someone has taken your place. 

So, just keep the interactions high with your best friend and be on each other’s list for a long time.