What To Expect In A Penetration Testing Training

Penetration testing training is offered to professionals who want to improve their skills in order to deliver high-value tests. Modern techniques, methodologies, and tools used by cyber attackers will be included in the course. Having hands-on knowledge on how to attack a system gives a better understanding on how to defend it properly.

You will learn vulnerability assessment, incident response, as well as forensics for beginners. For those who want to take an advanced training, you will be trained on exploit development, mobile and wireless hacking, and Metasploit kung-fu to name a few.

What can you get from a penetration testing course?

You will be getting a GIAC Certification. This certification will ensure employers that you have been trained and have advanced skills which will help you with your career as a specialist.

What are included in the course?

The topics can vary depending on the course that you enroll in. Here are some of the topics that could be included in a training like Alpine Security:

  • Network Traffic Analysis with Wireshank
  • CompTIA Pen Test
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker Course)
  • ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Course)
  • APT (Advanced Penetration Testing Course)
penetration test

The course could include updated textbooks by Penetration Testing specialists, a tool set and resources that will enable students to carry out their tests, as well as products and apps that you can experiment on. Keep in mind that some training centers could do things differently than others.

For beginners, the first thing that they will be taught is the introduction cyber security. You will need to answer questions if cyber security is truly what you want. If you have a basic computer knowledge, not at all distressed by complex security terms, and constantly worried about security breach, then a career in cyber security is most likely suited for you.

The advanced classes will include training in the latest methodologies used by criminals. You will be given better insight on what they do and how you can improve your cyber security better so malicious attacks and hacking will be prevented.

You could also be given network testing training which is an intensive course. You will learn how to attack and defend the IT infrastructure of a city. Basically, you will acquire real world knowledge that you can actually use when you have a career in IT.

Why do you need it?

There are a lot of businesses wherein their cyber security is only controlled and monitored by inexperienced employees who just have basic computer knowledge. Even if their IT guy has advanced IT training, but has not been trained in Penetration Testing, the defense system will not be as good as the ones that has been set up by a specialist. This is because an untrained person will not know how they will be attacked and, therefore, will not be able to set up proper defenses.

Will you have a career in IT?

Hacking has become more sophisticated, and a business that has a weak cyber security exposes itself to all sorts of threats, so they will have several reasons why they need someone with pen test training to man their security system.

Below are several reasons why businesses invest in pen test trainings:

  • Pen tests exposes the weakness of a business’ security system before actual hackers do. A pen test will try to hack their system just like what real hackers are doing. When it is finished, the specialist will be able to determine which part of the system failed in its defense and can make the necessary changes in order to upgrade the system.

  • It will save save them a lot of money. When their security is compromised, they could potentially lose clients. Doing a regular pen test will be good for business because clients are assured of the security.

  • It helps them comply with General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

These reasons will help you with your career as a pen test specialist. There are a lot of businesses that need pen test experts because nearly everything has to be done online, and security is of the utmost importance.


Doing a Penetration Testing training may seem like a challenge, but the courses are tailored to your level. Do not be intimidated by other students who seem to know a lot of jargons if you are a beginner. Penetration Test training is one of the most stimulating trainings you will ever take, which will greatly improve your skills and help your career in the IT world.

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