windowless plane
windowless plane

World’s first Windowless plane to take off soon

Peeping through the small windows of planes and admire the beautiful cloud and the vast sky and sometimes take snaps secretly would be nothing more than nostalgia soon. British developer is all set to take off with their first windowless plane. Center of Process Innovation said,” The days of glimpsing the world through a tiny plastic porthole when you fly are soon to be a thing of the past; future aircrafts will offer a crystal clear panoramic view without any windows at all. We are developing ultra-flexible, high-definition display technologies that could line the interior walls of cabins and display live footage from external cameras.”


The new plane will provide a huge panoramic view with walls fitted with screens all around that would let you see whats outside. You can admire the pulchritude of the sky as well as the plane and this would surely give you the sensation of flying. The picture shown here is a conceptualized picture produced by Center of Process Innovation. The windows will be actually digital wallpapers and the passengers will be given control to some parts of thei respective sides to turn on or off or change the screens. The screens will be made of Organic LED also known as OLED. The main reason for using this material is that it will easily blend with the fuselage and surfaces such as seatbacks optimizing space and reducing the weight of the aircraft.

CPI added, “You save weight, you save fuel. And less fuel means less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and lower operational cost. Windows currently require meticulous construction to ensure that their structure maintains cabin pressure and resists cracking at 35,000 feet. Fully integrated OLED technology is still in development across the globe.”

The imagination of flying through the dark nigh amidst gigantic clouds is sutely goving ne goosebumps. Simon Ogier, research and development manager of CPI claimed that the role is to turn innovative technology concepts such as OLED displays into manufactured products. The concept is to make passemgers enjoy the journey. Have a look at the video.

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