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You can actually crash Google Chrome in 16 characters

When Google Chrome crashes it leaves you with a message ‘Awww Snap’! Well, However annoying his message might seem to you, you can also make fun of it by crashing the browser yourself! Well, you won’t need to do this for any reason, but a user has identified a flaw in the browser. Google Chrome is a widely acclaimed web browser which despite of having certain flaws, is loved by most because of its multifarious utility features.

You can actually crash Google Chrome in 16 characters or less

A person named Andris Atteka identified a certain 16 characters link which can easily crash the browser. The string is given below:


Even though the string looks like a normal html link, but it’s strong enough to stop your browser from working. Andris Atteka’s post is given below:

Recently I reported a crash bug in Google Chrome (issue #533361). This issue reminded me of the recent Skype vulnerability – both occur with simple URL strings. So how can you crash Google Chrome? By adding a NULL char in the URL string:

Unfortunately no reward was awarded as this was deemed to be only a DOS vulnerability. Anyway, making secure software is much harder than finding issues in it. Thanks Google.

Source: Andris Atteka

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