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You can turn Videos into GIFs On An iOS device with Gyf app

Once upon a time, video sharing could be done by uploading the video in Facebook or YouTube and then sharing with acquaintances. Even if the videos were large and hefty, you had no other option to wait. Vine first brought a change in this concept with its crisp ten seconds video. The same trend has been carried by Instagram as well. A new app for iOS, known as the Gyf has been developed which is a further extension of this short videos.

You can turn Videos into GIFs On An iOS device with Gyf app

Gyf app records short videos of 10 seconds duration or pick up short videos from your phone and convert them into GIF animations. Gyf will let you create a profile where you can share the gif animations created by the app. The app won’t allow you to download the animations in your device. The signing up option is also very easy as it will prompt the user to use her Facebook credentials. A user can record fresh video directly from camera roll or use an already captured video. Even though it doesn’t allow saving the files in your device, it lets you manage the frame rate and how fast or slowly the GIF plays all from the app. The file sizes are small typically around 988 KB. The animations can be shared via Facebook, messenger and other services. You can install the app from App Store. The download link is given below.

Gyf Download link

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