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Android apps to run Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 via OpenMobile ACL

Android apps support will be provided to the new Samsung Z1 smartphone which will be running the Tizen OS. This will be made possible via OpenMobile ACL. We have seen Read more

Samsung Gear S

Till date there have been numerous release in the field of smartwatch but hasn’t been successful to that extent. The concept of making calls, assist you with various apps wasn’t Read more

Samsung discarding its first Tizen OS smartphone

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Samsung discarding Samsung Z

Samsung has wearable running Tizen OS but its first ever smartphone with Tizen OS seems to be discarded forever. The Tizen phone has been suffering delays since a year. The Read more

Samsung Z

Samsung introduced its first Tizen smartphone today only named as Samsung Z. Samsung is one of the top flagship phone manufacturers that excels in making some really cool Android phones Read more

The tentative date of release of Samsung Galaxy S5 is actually the launching date of Tizen OS

February 23, 2014 have been a date of excitement for Galaxy lovers until it was confirmed that this date although rumored to be the release date for Samsung Galaxy S5 Read more