10 Activities To Boost Your Memory

The brain is the most powerful organ of the central nervous system among all vertebrates and invertebrates. The function of the brain is beyond our imagination, yet, to simplify, the most important function of the brain is to act as the centralized controller and coordinator of all organs of our body. The brain manages the rest of the body by creating patterns of muscle activity and stimulate hormone secretion. Brainpower is most prominent when the human is in the childhood, adolescence or early adulthood stage, it decreases with age, causing dementia, loss of memory, etc. There are ways of improving our brainpower with the help of some exercises. These exercises are known as brain exercises.

With the improvement of brainpower in adults, they are more likely to be indulged in physical workouts and become free from being prone to brain related illnesses. The increased brainpower strengthens the ability to think and reproduce new thoughts with the advent of creativity. It helps in quicker responses and… Believe me… it would never end you up in any situation where you can’t recall a name or any word.

Here 10 simple Brain sharpening exercises are given to help one:

1. Return home through a new route

It may sound simple, but it is a very good exercise to enhance your brain power. Taking a new route stimulates many hormone secretions. One has to involve the senses and needs to stay alert which is not in the case of going in familiar routes. But do not take such a risk that you yourself end up being lost.

2. Play brain-oriented games

Playing brain boosting, strategic games like chess, checkers, crossword puzzles, Sudoku helps one rearrange numbers, words and make calculations faster in one’s mind. Outdoor games  like Football, Basketball helps one increase creativity and enhance new methods strategy building.

3. Learn playing a musical apparatus or any foreign language

Music relieves one’s stress and neutralizes the brain’s overthinking problem. Something entirely new like guitar, piano learning is beneficial for ageing and distressed mind. Learning a foreign language helps one to rejuvenate and sharpen the brain.

4. Cook a recipe

 Learning cooking cuisines stimulates various inactive portions of the brain. It also stimulates various senses of smell, taste etc.

5. Eat with a chopstick

If you are not habituated to eating with a chopstick, then this is a very nice exercise for you. Chopsticks will forcibly make the brain pay attention, especially when you are hungry.

6. Switch hands while doing work

If you are a right handed person, then try to do stuff like writing, brushing, eating with the left hand and vice versa.

7. Meditate

The yogic method of meditation consists of a sequence of learning techniques for a refocusing of attention that brings about an altered state of consciousness involving a thorough concentration where a mediator at times becomes unaware of any outside stimulation. It is a brilliant stress management technique and a simple way of developing brain power,

8. Memorizing phone numbers

Memorizing people’s names and numbers strengthen connections between brain cells. Divide a number into parts and try remembering that. For instance the number 1234567890 is easier to be remembered by 123 456 7890 than the 1234567890.

9. Creative visualization

It is an effective technique for dealing with stress. Creative visualization is basically a subjective experience that deploys imagery and imagination. Before visualizing one must set a realistic goal and work accordingly. It is easier to visualize when the mind is calm and quiet. The setting of the goals can be minor ones like how to plan your day or major ones like the goal in one’s life.

10. Get a requisite amount of sleep

The brain must be given 6-8 hours of sleep at once or half in at most two times. The brain gets heated up after the everyday workout so it needs to get cooled down for that sleep is required.

A healthy, stress free brain helps in proper physiological, psychological and easier functioning of it. Remember, to a healthy brain is to a healthy life. r

Abhirup is a science and tech freak. His passion is blogging on different science and technology topics. In his spare time, he plays computer games and plays piano.