10 Things You Didn't Know Your Web Browser Could Do Yet

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Web Browser Could Do Yet

Web browsers have been developing up over the preceding few years. Now that Internet Explorer 6’s possession on the web has been taken over, browsers have been applying a mixture of cool fresh features that websites are having advantage of today.

This article aims on fresh web technologies that you can utilize on real web pages today. Surely, some of you have no question came across of many of these, but the bulk of people haven’t heard of all of them.


Drag and Drop to Upload

Several websites now permit you to upload files just by dragging and dropping them into your web browser window, a welcome change from performing to click a browse button and use a file chooser, as we had to do merely a few years ago. Whether you’re bonding a file to an email in Gmail or uploading an image to for instant sharing, you can drag and drop the file into the web page.

Drag and Drop Upload

Render 3D Graphics in the Browser

Browsers for example Chrome and Firefox now back up for WebGL, which permits web pages to furnish 3D graphics devoid of any plugins. WebGL can be utilized for games and other 3D models, but the really popular website utilizing WebGL is likely Google Maps. On Google Maps in Chrome browser, you can allow “MapsGL”. This will induce Google Maps to furnish the map with OpenGL, ensuing in easier animations. When you utilize Street View, you’ll view an animation as the map zooms in. Street View will also be furnished with OpenGL, not Adobe Flash.
If Google Maps wasn’t good enough, the Quake 3 engine has been adjusted to perform in WebGL in your web browser. This website also puts into use the pointer lock spec to catch hold of your mouse pointer and restrict it inside the game area.


Communicate with WebSockets

HTML was never planned to permit web pages to convey back-and-forth with the web servers. HTML was produced for static web pages, and most web pages presently using hacky polling-based methods to talk with servers. WebSockets permit web pages to make a complete communication cannel over a TCP link, dramatically cutting down latency and network traffic when web pages require to transmit data back and forth along with the servers.
Web Sockets are utilized by Mozilla’s BrowserQuest game, permitting the game executing inside your browser to transmit events to and fro to its web server. WebSockets have yet been utilized to make IRC clients executing in your browser. Maybe most imposingly, WebSockets have also been utilized to make a JavaScript torrent client that executes in your browser, providing Chrome OS users a indigenous torrent client. JSTorrent doesn’t view totally static yet, but it’s a better instance of what’s actually feasible on WebSockets.

Browser quest connecting

Play Videos and Music Without Flash

HTML5 video has got a lot of attention; so many people possess the knowledge that it’s now feasible to play back videos in H.264 (MP4), WebM, and Ogg Theora changes without demanding Flash installed on the system. Many video internet site – including YouTube provide HTML5-based video playback. Unluckily, several websites advice that they demand for DRM, which is the reason why YouTube yet utilizes Flash for videos with ads and Netflix still utilizes Silverlight for its videos. HTML5’s “video tag” can see just like a Flash-based video player, so you may ne’er view that a website is utilizing it anticipate that video playback will perform on mobile devices and will perform better.

Run Web Apps Offline

Browsers now permits web apps to run offline, providing them local database storage that they can utilize to access your information. Several of Google’s offline web apps solely run in Chrome, but Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader can be utilized offline in other browsers like Firefox, too. Kindle Cloud Reader permits you to download eBooks, which you can go through offline in your browser at a future time also, even if you don’t possess an Internet connection.

kindle cloud reader

Access Your Webcam and Video Conference

Web pages can now use your webcam obviously with your license. A web page could utilize this feature to click photos from your web cam for your profile picture or recording video purpose. Nonetheless, it could also utilize the new WebRTC API for video conferencing among various browsers without any plug-in involved. In the future, Google’s Hangouts won’t demand for a plugin at all and Skype will execute in your browser, also.

Create Notification Pop-ups

Browsers now permit web pages to display you desktop notifications. For instance, Google Calendar can display you pop-up notifications when you have made reminders for forth-coming events. Chat and email websites could show you pop-ups to alert you of the fresh messages.

google calendar reminder

Identify Your Location

Web pages can presently seek for permission to use your location. If you’re utilizing a tablet or another kind of device with a devoted GPS chip, the browser will put into use your GPS hardware to locate your location. On devices without GPS chips, close ranged wireless network names or your ISP’s location can be utilized to approx your present location. Geo-location can substitute the demand to type your address into websites that show local content and permit you to find out your exact location using a GPS chip on a portable computer.

Google maps

Make Web Apps Your Default Applications

Browsers now permit web apps to turn into your default applications, so that you can utilize Gmail in your browser to transmit mails when you click a mailto: link ay any place on your computer even outdoors of your browser.

chrome uae gmail as default

Run Native Code In Your Browser

Somewhat ploemically, Chrome comes with Google’s Native Client. Native Client permits web pages to execute native code scripted in languages like C or C++. The code is run in a sand-pile for security reasons, and it executes at nearly-native speeds.
Native Client permits web pages to execute high-performance code for matters like game engines and local video encoding. It could be the path to receiving more bettered applications on Chrome OS. The Chrome Web Store comprises of a various kind of games scripted in Native Client, also with a port of the critically applauded Bastion.


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