10 Ways To Develop Problem Solving Skills

In our daily life, we are raided by numerous problems. These problems make you feel depressed, dejected and disheartened. So, if you don’t want to be tensed or stressed regarding the problems of your life, you need to develop problem solving skills in order to solve them. Here are 10 ways of how you can develop such skills.

1.Try to be focused on the solution, but not the problem: – It is Neuro-scientifically proven, that focusing on the problem handicaps your brain to find solutions. It is recommended that a person must make a proper analysis for all possible solutions of a problem and choose the best amongst them, making sure that you are solving it with the correct solution.

2. Get yourself a break: – It is observed that for problems which makes us uneasy with the lack of comfort are the problems which we try to solve quickly. But according to the experts, it is often required to take a slight break from any tempting problem. As when you come back to solve it, you can start solving the problem afresh with a calm and clear mind.

3. Sleep to the required amount: – REM or, Rapid Eye Movement sleep is said to be directly enhancing creative thought formation in the brain. REM sleep “stimulate associative networks, allowing the brain to make new and useful associations between unrelated ideas.”

4. Dance to your level best and with all your heart: – It is unknown to many that dancing has a positive effect on neurological coordination and clear out the passages of the brain blocked by dopamine hormone.

5. Play Logic Puzzles and Games: – Try playing Chess, Scrabble, Crossword, Sudoku or even solving a Rubik’s cube. The strategy in winning or solving would also apply at some point of time in your life when you perhaps may be burdened with problems.

6. Avoid panicking: – Whenever you are faced with any problem, avoid panicking. Panicking and anxiety will affect your ability of creativity. It is advised to take a deep breath and think with a calm mind.

7. Practice Yoga: – Meditation, pranayama, aerobics, asanas if practiced daily would help you increase the cognitive scorings of certain tests. Not only that, participation in yoga shortens reaction time, increases accuracy and attention makes the mind more peaceful.

8. Try preparing an Idea Journal: – An Idea Journal is something which everyone must use whenever ideas are needed to be explored. Sketching about the problem and its possible solutions would help you in better problem solving, express ideas and increase accuracy.

9. Simplify things: – Mostly, problems are found to be complex. Thinking deeply regarding the complex matter makes the solution gapped between you and it. So, you must think the problem closely and simplify it by breaking it into the basic components and solving it part by part.

10. Develop an interest in sports: – It is seen that sports loving person always find some way out. Sportspersons, especially soccer players, are capable of multitasking between strategizing, running, tackling, performing, etc. This requires an enormous amount of brain activity.

Abhirup is a science and tech freak. His passion is blogging on different science and technology topics. In his spare time, he plays computer games and plays piano.