Why Does Paper Cut Hurt Us So Terribly?

Why paper cut hurt
It once happened to me when I was a kid. I loved reading story books. As i was completing reading one page and was about to flip to the next page, I was unintentionally sliding my index finger across the edge of the page in a to and fro motion. Suddenly the page cut my finger and my finger started bleeding. That was the first time I encountered such an incident. Then my friends laughed a lot at me because I cut my finger by paper. And one friend of mine feared that the book must be ghostly.
Why does paper cuts hurt so much like that of a  blade? There are many reasons behind it.
Paper cuts mostly occur to our finger tips. Finger tips are highly sensitive and so are lips and tongue. The skin is more sensitive and  thinner as compared to the skin on other body parts. The high sensitivity is because the nerve networks in these body parts can discriminate with exceptional precision and clarity. They are sensitive to small change in pressure, heat, cold, and injury. Brain receives signal from these parts and analyze their repsonse in specific areas in high definition. The fingertip skin, tongue and lips are used for sensing heat, pressure, touch, etc. There are more nerve fibres called nociceptors in the fingers than on any other parts.   When the paper slides through your skin, the nerve fibres get sliced. Hence, when any of these parts get injured the response is much more.
Here are some tips you can follow to heal up such emotionally deep but  physically mild injury. First, wash the cut with soap and water wherever it happens. as soon as you can with soap and water. This will reduce the chance of infection. Clean the wound with liquid anticeptic. Cover the wound for a few days cover it with a small bandage to cushion the wound and limit reopening.
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