10th Birthday of Facebook - Mark gifts ''A Look Back'' to all users

10th Birthday of Facebook – Mark gifts ”A Look Back” to all users

Facebook, which is now a part and parcel of our live celebrated its 10th birthday on Feb 3, 2014. Mark and his team gifted every user a Look Back video which strengthens the everlasting bond between Facebook and its fans by means of a beautiful slideshow of 1 minute 2 seconds duration. The video gives the time from when your journey with Facebook started and displays your precious but forgotten moments in a truly emotional way.

Facebook, the most popular social networking site has gathered enough love and attachment with its users and within 10 years it has 201.6 billion friend connections, 1.23 monthly active users. Approximately 400 billion photos are shared in Facebook since 2005 and this tells us the beautiful connection that it has maintained.

Facebook Look Back

At a glance 10 unknown facts about Facebook on its 10th Birthday.

1. 201.6 billion friend connections
2. 1.23 billion monthly active users
3. 945 million monthly active users who used Facebook Mobile products
4. More than 6 billion likes per day on an average
5. 400 billion photos shared on Facebook
6. 7.8 trillion messages using Facebook
7. 77.2 billion all time location tagged posts
8. Approximately 81% daily active users are outside U.S. and Canada
9. Over 25 million small business Pages
10. 6337 employees worldwide

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