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5 Important Mobile App Development Tips For Beginners

5 Important Mobile App Development Tips For Beginners

The smartphone is now an inseparable entity in our life. Apps play a significant role in our daily life. Whether we purchase goods from online retail shops, or read books on our favorite e-book reader app, whether we watch Netflix, or play games, we use apps. Hence, app development is now a great career option for software engineers, especially if you have a strong fervor for coding and programming. There are many reasons why you may want to develop apps, the number one reason being your passion for coding. Other than that, if you are an entrepreneur, and want to launch your business on social media platforms, you may appoint a company or app development services to develop a suitable app for you. But before investing your skill, money and time in mobile app development, there are some important factors to consider before plunging into the business. Even if you are a non-coder and just want to launch your business via an application, then also you must do the homework and research.

Check out these tips before beginning to develop an app for mobile platforms.

1. Research On The Target Audience:

It is particularly important to check if the target audience or users would like to use your app or not. For knowing the minds of the customer, it is mandatory to research in depth. You must have experienced many situations, where you installed an app, but could not use it for long. It was either too complicated to use or the features were not appealing at all. There were some reasons that could not trigger your interest in the app, and you just uninstalled the app. The same may happen to your app as well. Some users will not like it, and some users will remain hooked to it. Your motive should be having maximum users to like your application. There is no theoretical knowledge on how to make your app acceptable to users. Rather, it is purely based on groundwork, survey and research.

5 Important Mobile App Development Tips For Beginners

2. Simplicity Should Be A Priority

No matter how much dedication you put in developing and designing an application, a user will always look forward to apps which are simple, hassle free and load quickly. Thus, remember to keep the application light, and simple so that the app loads fast, can work in slow internet connection, and is comprehensible to everyone. These factors may not be fulfilled if you are creating a game app, or a movie streaming app. But, if the app is service-based, like online retail app or healthcare service-related app, then factors like simplicity, easy loading and compact size will top the priority list.

3. Suitable Platform For The App

Platform is a crucial factor to consider before you start developing your app. Usually mobile apps are available for iOS and Android platform. While you research on your target audience, also try to figure out the approximate number of users in a platform. For example, you are planning to develop a pregnancy and parenting application, you must find out how many users with iOS devices use these kinds of apps, and how many users using Android device use pregnancy and parenting apps. If you have budget and skill ready, it is great to develop apps for both the platforms, so that users can use the app even if they switch to the other platform. If you plan to start with one platform in the beginning, then it is better to find a trade-off between which platform is more feasible for app development and the number of users using that platform. Now, depending on the platform, your design should change accordingly, so that the users can have the best app experience.

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4. Put Strong Limitation On Advertisements

While using an app, any advertisement seems to be a perennial source of distraction and disturbance. But for you giving adverts is necessary. How to deal with that? Keep your ads limited and relevant. Make sure they appear either at the bottom or at the top, and that they do not clutter the app screen. If the adverts are pop-up video based, then they should appear at an interval that do not irritate the user.

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5. ASO and SEO Friendliness

When you finally accomplish your goal of developing an app, and you are ready to launch it in the respective application store, there are some few touch ups that will give your app the final look. These are the SEO and ASO. Search Engine Optimization and Application Optimization are two crucial factors that will bolster the reachability and visibility of your app. It is vital that your app turns up in the first two pages of search results in the app store. By optimizing your app, you can increase your chance of getting into the first two pages of search results. You can hire an SEO and ASO expert, who can guide you through the process and make it smoother.

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