Social Networks That Can Challenge Facebook’s Dominance

The social network revolution started with Facebook, although with a lesser extent with Twitter. But after several years, user preferences are going south of Facebook. In fact it has been reported that 11 million young people have fled Facebook and ditched the social network for good. Finding a new nest, it is perhaps better to expand the horizon and find the best alternative social network that will soon change the landscape of this planet. Here are some great Facebook alternatives worth some consideration.


Pinterest is now the third most used social network in the US. It symbolizes woman power and how things can be shaped if women are dominant. Pinterest’s strength lies on its ability to organize and to use visuals to send a message to followers. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. More words that you can fit in Twitter tweets and probably a Facebook post. Pinterest have become a major traffic driver and has time and again even surpassed Twitter and Yahoo in terms of generating inbound traffic to e-commerce websites.


Instagram is Facebook’s insurance policy well into the future. Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion with the hope that it will bring Mark Zuckerberg and his company into the next level. Instagram’s game is all about photos and videos that you share with friends that you have on Facebook that follows you. It uses a strictly-mobile model which makes it more fun to play with. The introduction of video shooting capabilities improved the stock on this emerging social network.


Are you one of those people that used Friendster with gazillions of friends? It is not fun to have that many friends in Friendster more so in Facebook. That is why Path ran against the grain and limited the friends that you can add to 150. The emphasis here is quality over quantity. Do you really communicate to your 2,000 friends that much? Of course not, right?

Google +

All, hail the mighty Google. Google’s less loved social network can become an ally if we want to topple Facebook. Google has been moving heaven and earth to make people love their social network. We have seen Google driving Google + as the platform that everybody could love. But we have yet to see that day. Then again, if there is one social network that can dent Facebook’s dominance it should be Google +.

And there you have it. Those are the top alternatives to Facebook’s dominance of the social networking space. You may want to explore other less ubiquitous networks out there like Foursquare and Snapchat. But these are the best so far that have come close to the massive influence of Facebook among earthlings.

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