5 Simple Methods By Which You Can Sharpen Your Memory

We all know the one liner “Practice makes a man perfect” and most of us apply it in our life physically, that is by training and exercising hard, following examples and doing the other needful. Same applies for our mental development. Yes, there are even tactics for sharpening your memory and here are 5 simplest of those enlisted.

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1. Enough Sleep and Rest

An adequate amount of sleep or rest is heavily essential for a healthy brain and a calm memory. Lack of sleep causes tiredness, slowing down of thinking and solving ability and so on. It is always recommended for teenagers to sleep for at least 6-8 hours. A good sleep freshens a mind and helps in sharpening one’s memory.

2. Keep Your Brain Active by Learning A New Thing Everyday

This is a brilliant exercise for your brain. It only requires a bit of commitment, but this might fetch you with something you were eventually looking for. Learning something new means introducing yourself to new challenges. Researchers found that people who learned something new had shown improvement on the memory tests. Some of the new things to learn are learning any new language, learning any musical instruments, practicing any new sport. This would not only help in your brain exercise but also in your grasp over a wide range of activities.

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3. Play Memory Based Games

There are numerous brain training games you can play in the net as well as away from the net. Computerized brain games are claimed of increasing mental flexibility and could make you a bit more intelligent. Many offline games such as Sudoku, Scrabble are also helpful in increasing brain capacity. We recommend the offline games more than online ones as if kids grow are exposed too much to the screen of computers or smart phones the outcome could be harmful in nature.

4. Indulge In Healthy Conversation

Studies suggest that people who are socially active or are more socialized have less chances of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Socialization activates many inactive areas of your brain leading to sharpening of your memory. If you think yourself to be an introvert then you can also socialize yourself by being engaged to various social activities like signing up for volunteer opportunities in your community, joining any club and helping others and so on.

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5.  Reduce Excess Use of Smart Phones And Limit Screen Time

High exposure to screen could lead to degradation of your memory capacity and brain power. Addiction to screen is harmful for both your body and mind. It is good to be in the internet but it is more harmful to be always in the internet. If you are addicted to it you must change it by indulging yourselves in a couple of activities that would keep you away from the net. Examples are practice using your weak hand, meditating and so on.

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