iPhone 5C-8 GB varient available in UK

8 GB iPhone 5c variant goes on sale in Europe especially in UK

UK has something in store for the Apple fan boys. The rumor turned good news is that UK is enjoying sale on 8 GB iPhone 5C variant that allows you bag the gadgets for a ‘cheaper’ price. This was reported by Engadget that UK Apple Store quoted price less than other countries. The UK Apple Store has it priced at £429 ($714) which means it is £40 cheaper than the 16 GB version, and the German Apple store has price higher at €549 ($764).

8 GB iPhone 5c variant goes on sale in Europe especially in UK

Not only the desirable price tags offered by Apple but also the UK operator O2, French provider SFR are offering the phone for free and one euro respectively on multi-year contracts. But on the other hand German carrier O2 is also having great offers but either you’ll have to pay €149 or €29 upfront. Then you can select anyone of the three multi-year plans.

The detailed plans offered by the operators of Germany are received from a German blog but we are not sure if the 8 GB iPhone 5C will eventually make it in other parts of the world outside Europe. But that’s a matter of time to get to know what’s awaiting the future.

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