An amazing hack to increase your iPhone's available storage
An amazing hack to increase your iPhone's available storage

An amazing trick to increase your iPhone’s available storage

One of the shortcomings of iPhone is definitely the restriction on memory expansion. You have to be contend with the phone storage, no matter how many stuffs you wish to download and how many pictures you want to click. So, while trying to figure out every moment, how to increase the iPhone’s available storage, this hack came so handy that you’ll love it absolutely. Don’t get freaked out with the ‘hack’ word. There’s nothing related to hacking and it’s just a trick that can dramatically increase the available storage of your phone. The process that you wished you knew before!

1. First open Settings, go to General and then click on About.


2. Now scroll down and find out Available. Check the available storage in your iPhone.

check availabe storage

3. Exit Settings.

4. Now go to iTunes Store. Go to Films tab and find out a film that needs storage bigger than what you have right now. For example, my availabe storage currently is 451 MB as you can see. Hence I chose this movie Everest which needs around 4 GB of space.

iTunes Store

5. Next click on Rent. Sit back and don’t worry, your money will not be deducted because your iPhone doesn’t have enough space.


6. After several seconds, your Phone will inform you that you don’t have enough space to download the movie and you need to manage your storage from Settings.

iphone cannot download

7. Now again go to Settings > General > About > Available. The available storage should increase potentially. You can repeat the above steps to increase the available with each trial.

space increased

Good Luck!

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