android 4.5 to bring flatter icons

Android 4.5 to bring flatter icons: evident from leaked images

Android 4.5 is on the way of development and reports say that Android is going to bring a slimmer and flat versions of the icons. Unlike the current Android icons that has a 3D look also known as the skeuomorphic elements, the proposed design will have a touch of the web icons with something extra. So rumors say that besides having software updates, New Android will get a visual makeover in the icons.

android 4.5 to bring flatter icons, evident from leaked images

Android Police leaked images of the new designs of Android. The new iconography that is rumored to be implemented in Android 4.5 is called as “Moonshine”. Android Police not only managed to bring out images of Android 4.5 icons but also have spotted the Maps, YouTube and Calendar icons on Chromecast partners website as well. The report gives a detailed comparative information between current and proposed icons. Many users have gave their preferences for the KitKat version whereas some modifications made on Android 4.5 are really good like Camera, Play Movies, Contacts.

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