Things to do before applying for Google Adsense
Things to do before applying for Google Adsense

Things to do before applying for AdSense

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “One of the seven deadly sins is Wealth without work”. And Google AdSense is certainly not okay with even the faintest idea of Charity. Didn’t get the catch yet? Well then here it goes. The deal that Google made while announcing AdSense was Paying Per Click to the website publishers by giving them space for advertisements. But as the traffic started rising each day, AdSense had to go for a change. And it made the rules of the game stricter. As a result of which either the pre existing users have been banned or the newly interested ones are struggling to get their way through. Moreover alternatives to AdSense are not that satisfactory to some. So Tech Entice comes with a solution, some tactics to get a sweet dose of AdSense. Let’s start with the dissection:


Tech Entice broadly classifies the strategy into three main categories:

I. Content related Pre-requisites:

A. Length:

The length of each post must be greater than 600 words. Google AdSense retains the right to reject the request for approval from a website based on the length of the posts contained within. If they find that the posts are shorter, they won’t approve the site for AdSense. And as long as the minimum number of posts is concerned, Tech Entice advises one to apply for AdSense after upholdhing more than 70 posts.

B. Supported language:

Google supports a number of languages existing in the world. One can choose from these languages and AdSense will place the advertisements in that appropriate language. But one must bear in mind, that one has to have a good grip over the language and must not attempt writing in any other language apart from his primary one.

C. Uniqueness:

One must maintain an unambiguous and lucid style of writing. One must avoid plagiarism and be responsible for the content of the posts. The semantics and the sentence framing of the contents must be correct with facts based on proofs. One must not include pornography, adult-oriented information or drugs related content in one’s site.

D. Providing Value:

Well Tech Entice is all ears for Greed. But Google AdSense is not necessarily so. AdSense penalizes the site who cribs for money since they believe that such sites won’t provide any value to the readers. Though AdSense deals with revenue sharing pertaining to advertisements, it believes in work ethics and refuses to stand by the fact that the end customers, that is the readers of the published sites, aren’t benefitting at all. So Tech Entice strictly warns the AdSense aspirers to get a hold and not brag about money.

E. Pages:

AdSense kind of gives an extra bonus point to the sites containing pages like About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Contact us. It might get weird for a blogger to have a privacy policy or an About us page. But one has to overcome that awkwardness when one needs AdSense to support that Blog. Hence it is recommended that one includes all the mentioned pages either by themselves or by taking some online help or advice.

F. Chat Boxes:

AdSense isn’t in the favor of chat boxes in the sites as well. It has been clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of AdSense that including chat boxes will be considered as a violation to their policy. This is out of the concern that one might force others through chats to click on the advertisements which is again not a pleasure for AdSense.

II. Blogs and Bloggers related Pre-requisites :

A. Age:

Google demands the blogger to be an adult to apply for AdSense. Hence negligence in mentioning one’s age as greater than or equal to 18 might lead to being a soft target for rejection from AdSense.

B. Google Account :

To get a green signal from AdSense, one has to have a Google account or a gmail account.

C. Paid Traffic:

Although AdSense stresses on the point that the site must have a 300+ traffic record it badly detests the sites involved in Paid traffic methodology. So if one is planning for a paid traffic with an AdSense combo, we would strongly plead to quit either of those, since by doing so, one would certainly hit AdSense’s nerve of fury. If one needs to raise the traffic, one can do so by other traditional ways like the search engines but should not even give a thought on paid traffic at all. Another interesting way to attract traffic is to add Meta Tag in your blog / site. It helps enhancing the SEO traffic for the site and also helps to add information to search engines regarding the site. Following is the Meta tag code which one can use for their blog.

Here a sample meta tag has been shown. These are must have meta entries. You may also add Open Graph meta data or other things according to your wish.

D. Google Widget:

In order to make the blog Google friendly, one can use the Google widgets or badges available in ones site. Adding these widgets not only builds up the SEO, but it also makes the site look authenticated by Google and increases the traffic immensely. Few of the widgets are Google+ Author,Google+ Page, Google +1 button etc.

E. Google Webmaster:

Another way of bringing the site into notice is Webmaster. Google provides one with a Webmaster where the site needs to be submitted in order to index your website and increase the traffic.

F. Other Advertising Programs:

If the site had a practice of working with multiple advertising programs such as Kontera, Bidvertiser etc, one has to shun that habit. Once approved by AdSense one can adopt other programs conveniently, but it is recommended to withdraw other alternatives before applying for AdSense.

III. Domain Pre-requisites

a. Custom Domain: Google demands a site to own a Top Level Domain in order to get a green light from AdSense. Hence domain name containing “” or “” aren’t acceptable by AdSense. One has to choose a unique domain name and own it if one wishes to be a part of AdSense.

b. Age of Domain: Google does not nod to a site for AdSense unless it is at least 6 months old. Exceptions are considered only if a site has brilliant content and massive traffic.

Things to do before applying to Google Adsense
Things to do before applying to Google Adsense

Google AdSense receives thousands of requests daily for approval. One excuse and your website might be out of the scenario. Tech Entice understands its readers’ earnest desire to be approved by AdSense and we hope this article leads them to a GREEN SIGNAL from AdSense and help them to make the most of it. As Oprah Winfrey quotes, “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” We just offered our readers being the “someone” when they lost all their hopes in getting an approval from AdSense. We believe this article will help them get through the trouble.

Aurisha Sengupta is a Software Engineer. Apart from technology, she is an insatiable art lover and a perpetual student when it comes to knowledge in any form.