Copyscape alternatives

5 Best Free Copyscape Alternatives to Catch content thieves

Copyscape Alternatives

Plagiarism is a punitive offence of purloining a piece of work initially created by someone else and presenting it as one’s own original creation. It can be with respect to any form of art. Be it music, lyrics, books, cinema or site content. Copyscape is an online plagiarism detecting device which is used by content owners to look for content theft.Content owners can submit the site name to Copyscape and it will provide the owner with a list of web pages that consist of similar contents. Although Copyscape relieves a site owner from owning a plagiarized site, it limits a user to use the free trial of Copyscape for only once a month. If one wishes to use it further, one has to sign up with a Premium Account, paying 5 cents per search. This gives rise to the need of free alternatives to Copyscape to achieve immunity against plagiarism for free. Thus Tech Entice presents you with 5 best free alternatives to Copyscape as follows :


1. Plagium: Tech Entice believes Plagium to be the best alternatives to Copyscape. HANDS DOWN!!! It is an absolutely free site maintained to detect plagiarism where one can paste the contents that one needs to check for plagiarism, up to 25000 characters into the text box and search for content theft possibility if any. If one wishes to donate to the site, one can do so by one’s own will.

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2. DupliChecker: DupliChecker moves one step ahead of Plagium when it comes to content detection for plagiarism. It not only allows the owner to copy paste the contents in the text box, but it also allows him to upload the file with .txt or .docx extension to check for content stealing. It also doesn’t force the owner to sign up for an account at DupliChecker.

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3. Plagiarisma:Plagiarisma offers an advanced search for content theft by 3 different kinds. One can copy paste the content in to the text box without any limitations to the word count. One can also enter the URL of the site to check for plagiarism. And one can upload the file to go through plagiarism scanning. One can even download and install the free Plagiarism software available at the site for an even better experience.

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Plagiarism Checker

4. PlagiarismChecker: PlagiarismChecker is almost similar to Plagium where one pastes the contents in the text box but without any word limit to check for plagiarism thereby allowing the owner to claim for being the original creator of the contents.

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5. CopyGator: It is again one of the most promising alternatives to Copyscape as it provides one with a free service of monitoring one’s RSS feed and sending him a notification whenever his content is been stolen.

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These are the 5 best alternatives to Copyscape for people who want to proudly own their contents, safeguarding themselves from the stain of plagiarism. Tech Entice enjoys the thought of having an option and given a chance, it will never fail to share those options with its readers. Though symbiotic it eventually is, but Tech Entice firmly believes in “Sharing is Joy”. So keep reading more since that will give you a vast range of thought and expression thereby freeing you from PLAGIARISM.

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