Image of alleged 41-megapixel Nokia 909 leaked

Nokia Lumia 909

Nokia, the largest brand in the field of Windows Phone is about to launch another smart phone in its Lumia series. But the information related to the 41-megapixel camera present in it has certain rumors. According to certain sources, it has been named "EOS" as this information leaked over the

Windows XP will see its last on 8 April, 2014

r.i.p. windows xp

The second most popular operating system in the world after Windows 7 will see its last on 8 April, 2014. After this date, Microsoft will stop offering any technical support, i.e., it will not release any patches or regular security updates. This will pose a serious threat to the XP

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials preview released

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials preview

Earlier in 2012, Microsoft had announced that it would be discontinuing the use of Windows Home Server product in exchange of something new i.e : Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Earlier this week, Microsoft has announced the details of the first major upgrades that would be done in its upcoming version

How to delete pagefile.sys in Windows 7?

Remove pagefile.sys in Windows 7

The pagefile.sys is the virtual memory file that is saved on your hard drive. Therefor this file can be very big. If there isn't enough space on your physical RAM the system uses the virtual RAM to speed up the current process for faster execution. Hence virtual RAM is quite

Configuring HOSTS file in Windows 7

windows host file manager

DNS or Domain Name Server resolves a domain name into IP address. The process of translating the domain name into IP address consumes time which causes delay. Moreover when the DNS servers are down we can’t access the site thorough their URL’s. Hence it becomes necessary to make a mapping

How to clear the Clipboard in Windows 7?

command to clear clipboard

This article will show you, how to clear the clipboard in Windows 7. The Clipboard, also known as the pasteboard is the location in the Windows Operating system that stores the information that is cut or copied from a document or any other location. It stores the information until it