Best Ideas for Social Media to Keep Your Feed Interesting

Best Ideas for Social Media to Keep Your Feed Interesting

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others can help online businesses so much. It can help both to raise brand awareness and to increase sales. These are all the reasons many brands choose to be on social media rather than not be there.

But of course, with more possibilities, businesses also have to deal with more difficulties too. One of the main difficulties with social media seems to be the variety of interesting content that people want to engage with. How do you create such content, and how do you determine what is interesting for your potential customer and what is not?

There are 5 epic social media campaign examples you need to learn from, and if you still want to hear even more ideas on how you could improve your social media content, then check out the ideas we have shared with you below.

Organize a Giveaway

Best Ideas for Social Media to Keep Your Feed Interesting

If you have been running a social media business account for years now, you probably have noticed that organic reach has dropped significantly and that the user behavior has changed a lot. 

For example, did you know that Facebook shows a page’s post only to a few percents of people who like your page if you don’t invest in advertising? So there is no doubt that it is very hard to accumulate more likes and comments without paid advertising. But this does not affect one type of posts. Those posts are contests and giveaways. Just give something away for free, and you will see your organic reach grow in no time.

Of course, it is not enough to just give something away for free. First of all, you need to think about what will be the advantage of this giveaway to you? Maybe you can ask the participants to share your post or to place a related photo in your post’s comments? Also, do not forget to create an attractive visual for your contest – this way, you will attract even more contestants.

Start Creating Series

To spice things up and create something that your followers would have a chance to wait for, you can create series: daily, weekly, or even monthly. This will not only create an intrigue of waiting for the next part. This will also encourage your new fans to go through your old posts and engage with them if these people enjoy the content of your series.

Also, when you come up with a theme for your series, make sure that it is interesting and engaging enough for your followers and ask yourself if your followers will want to interact with that kind of content. Strive always to make engaging content because this will help more people to see your post. 

If you decide to do the series on Instagram, make sure that you come up with an original hashtag. This way, it will be easier for people who are interested in your series to find your posts. It is also now possible to follow a hashtag – so if someone wants only to follow your series, they can.

Create Short Videos

Best Ideas for Social Media to Keep Your Feed Interesting

As you probably heard or noticed, video content is currently king. And it is not planning to go anywhere. Today, there is no social media platform that would be worth having an account that would not have the ability to share a video. 

Therefore depending on your niche, you can create short video clips. You can share short tips, how-to’s, outfit ideas that are very popular on TikTok currently, and come up with even more ideas.

Also, if you share short videos with tips and how-to’s, maybe some short Q&A videos, this could be a good experiment to test if you should or shouldn’t expand your content to a YouTube channel. If you notice that people are engaging with your videos, sharing them, commenting, and even asking for longer videos – then this is a sign that there is a high demand for a YouTube channel for your business.

Make a Collaboration With Another Brand

Best Ideas for Social Media to Keep Your Feed Interesting

Making collaboration with another brand that is somehow associated with the products or services that you are offering is always beneficial for both parties. This is because you share the content to target audiences of both of your brands. And if your brands are somehow associated, it is likely that a part of your target audience will also be interested in the other brand’s production and content, and vice versa.

For example, if you sell quality kitchen-ware, you could collaborate with a local Italian grocery shop or restaurant and prepare a video together, where you prepare a delicious meal together by using your kitchen-ware and the authentic products from the Italian grocery shop.