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Check Out The Best New Home Technologies

The Best New Home Technology

If you are a technology junkie, the latest innovations in home tech will put a smile on your face. We think technology should make your life easier, and there is a range of gadgets and gear that will take your home into the future … now.

Whether it is eliminating those mundane chores or increasing the security of your property, there is a tech solution to suit your needs. Here are just a few of our favorite new tech ideas for your home.

Keyless Door Locks

Are you always losing your keys or locking them inside? If so, you need a keyless door lock. These electronic, digital doors usually have a keypad and can be accessed with a pin number. This makes it easy for every member of your family to gain entry, without ever having to hide a key under a rock.

For an even more high-tech option, there are now keyless door locks that can be opened with your fingerprint. Or, you might prefer a system that is compatible with your phone, so you can automate and monitor your front door no matter where you are.

4K Security Camera Systems

Home security has advanced over the years, and brands like Lorex are embracing new technology. One of the most exciting features is 4K technology in security camera systems. The clarity and picture quality that comes with 4K ensures even the finest details are captured.

When combined with Color Night Vision, the chance of identifying a potential criminal will be increased as the footage can be used by law enforcement. This will give you the peace of mind that your home is protected and monitored at all times.

Washing and Ironing in One

Ironing would have to be one of the most dreaded household tasks. Companies have listened to our frustration and there are now washing machines that have an ironing (de-creasing) capability. While some machines do also have a folding function, the technology isn’t quite there yet and it is still quicker to do this by hand.

However, the next best thing is the elimination of ironing, and the Adora SLQ WP is one example of a product that steams during the washing phase for smooth, wrinkle-free results. Fortunately, this clever idea is still energy efficient and is winning awards for this very reason.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

You may be familiar with robotic vacuums, but what about robotic lawnmowers? With this type of technology, the goal is to sit back with a glass of wine as you watch your lawn maintenance happen. Just like a robotic vacuum, your mower will have a charging station that they go back to whenever their battery is running low.

These are said to be quiet and easily programmable. For small patches of grass, this could be a time-saver, but if you have large areas to mow, this may not be the best option.

Tech That Is Fun and Practical

Technology should serve a purpose, and be fun to use. There are a large number of innovative products hitting the market for home use, and almost any problem has a tech solution. Some of our favorites include robotic lawn mowers, 4K security camera systems, a washing machine that irons and keyless door locks.

With these additions to your property, you could have your very own futuristic home.

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