How To Review Tag Request On Instagram?

Instagram is a highly effective and huge social media platform where billions of users share their photos, videos and Stories every single second, either for personal or professional purpose. Instagram is mostly popular among young people. Since, social media is an open forum, it is often a breeding ground for cyber crimes and cyber bullies.

It is very common unknown users harrass celebrities or common masses equally. Unknown users often post offensive comments or tags in posts which you will never want. In such case, you can turn off abusive or harrassing comments, or simply filter comments. And as for tags in posts, simply enable tag requests, or hide tagged posts from your Instagram profile.

By default Instagram keeps this feature on, so that you do not need to turn it on. But if you have accidentally, turned off tag requests and do not know how re-enable it, then follow the steps below:

Steps To Review Tag Request On Instagram

First, go to your Instagram profile. Tap on the Options menu, i.e. the hamburger icon. Next, tap on the gear icon to go to the Settings. Under the Settings menu, head over to the Privacy settings.

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Next, go to Tags menu.

How To Review Tag Request On Instagram

Under Tag Controls, there is an option called Manually approve tags. Tap on the Turn On menu to turn it on.

How To Review Tag Request On Instagram

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