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Chinese city with separate sidewalks for mobile phone addicts

The Wall Street Journal gave an interesting news today which deals with the most recent and most common problems of mankind- the ever increasing addiction of using smartphones and gadgets. This is seriously a growimg menace and is the leading cause of accidents, lack of concentration and many others. Getting engrossed in smartphones is such an addiction that it is ruinung our social and private lives also. People are getting isolated from others in order to connect to the virtual world. However there are some considerations taken in account of these mobile phone addicts.

Chinese city with separate sidewalks for mobile addicts

A Chinese city has taken up some measurements that has become interesting and useful at the same time. Chinese city of Chongqing, has made some improvements and are genuinely thinking for the mobile phone addicts. They have provided a separate sidewalk lane for those who walk looking at their mobile screen. This seems fun also. The sidewalks will be divided into two paths- one for the genuinely busy people snd the others for the mobile addicts so that they do not collide with other. From such an arrangement it will possible to identify who all are nit looking away from their screen.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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