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Chrome app for Android now loads 5 times faster

Google has worked out on developing the Chrome App for Android to work 5 times faster on the platform. The two main features that have been ameliorated are playback speed and power efficiency. The Android version 52 of Chrome app can now start playing web videos quicker and no longer will you need to suffer the initial pause before load. As the company claims, this new improvement will help your phone save battery.


Chrome app for Android now loads 5 times faster


It’s been also claimed that HTML5 videos will be compatible with Chrome’s Data Saver Mode. This will enable the devices to save up 50 percent in data by streaming a lightweight version of the video. The video may not satisfy in terms of quality, but users with limited data plan will surely be benefited. Not only Android, Google has also extended its support for Windows 10. “Since the beginning of the year, we’ve made a 33% improvement in video playback GPU/CPU power consumption on Windows 10,” says a Google spokesperson to a Tech news channel.   “And by Chrome 53, we feel confident that we’ll be at parity with other browsers in terms of power consumption for the majority of video playback on the internet.”

Google recently announced that they have integrated a new algorithm to reduce the app update size in Play Store. Google has devoted the last few months in leveraging the services on Android especially for users with limited data plan.

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