COSMOS browser for android
COSMOS browser for android

COSMOS for Android – Browse the web without internet connection

With constantly speeding up of LTE and 3G in USA and other developed countries, browsing on phone may not be an issue to brood over. But in countries where 3G, LTE or even 2G is a high end technology to talk about or is a costly affair, COSMOS comes up as relief.

COSMOS for Android - Browse the web without internet connection

This upcoming Android app, does not work on data, you plug in a URL, and it sends back a simple, stripped-down version of the page via text messages. Isn’t that cool! The developers of this smart app say that it basically takes the source code and then shreds off the CSS and javascript and sends back a series of plain text messages to the phone. The best part of this app is that you can do interactive browsing in it and at times where the network is weak to support data browsing this app will work just fine. But again there are a few limitations. As it downsizes the details of the site, we get to see no pictures or animations in it. A large site may need a few number of SMS to deliver entire details and u got to have a free or cheap SMS plan to make it work.

With the app yet to go live on Play Store, we can just wait for people to use it, however we are quite excited about the new array of developments in the area of dataless browsing it will bring with itself.

Source: Firstcolabs

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