Delete your Food Photos from Instagram for a Noble Cause

In today’s world, social media play a humongous role in our lives. Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we eat, we post almost everything on our social media accounts without friends and with the world. The competition of sharing is increasing and hashtags control out life to a great extent. Now, in Instagram among the billions and billions of posts, that are shared on the app everyday, food photographs have a huge share. A large number of users share food posts with hashtags. We are off course taken away by the sumptuous food that shows up on our feed. But no you may want to delete all the food pictures from Instagram for a noble cause. What is that noble cause? We know that the world has many faces. While on one hand there are people who get adventurous with food and try almost every cuisine from every restaurant, on the other hand there are people, for whom having a full meal is an adventure.

Delete your Food Photos from Instagram for a Noble Cause

Yes, we are talking about those people who still dream of food. The time, that we take to capture the perfect shot of our platter, is enough for some children to die of hunger. So here is a beautiful initiative made by Land O’lakes, a popular butter and food manufacturing company in the United States. There is a huge population in America who sleeps hungry. You can do a lot for them just by deleting your food posts from Instagram. For every food post you delete from your Instagram, Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals to the poor people of America who cannot afford food. But there are steps you need to perform so that the company notices your activity in Instagram.

Delete food photos from Instagram to let Land O’Lakes know about your positive instinct

1. Take part in the Delete to Feed campaign by visiting


2. Next, click Get Started.

3. Accept the terms and conditions and sign in to your Instagram account.

4. Choose a photo to delete. When you delete them via the Instagram app, the website awards you with a badge and donates the meals. Delete to feed also allows you to brag about it on social media after.

This is clearly a nice initiative and we hope the noble deed spreads to other countries as well.

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