Facebook Home
Facebook Home

Is it the End for Facebook Home?

Android has been flooded with some amazing launchers and once upon a time Facebook Home was one of them. Yahoo Aviate Launcher has made a mark of it in a short span with its fluid design and flexibility in organizing apps. Facebook Home has been Facebook’s counterpart launcher which is now striving for its existence. Facebook Home even though started with grandeur could not hold up to the expectations of users and what many users felt that it was too much of Facebook as compared to other alternatives. The Home drained a lot of battery energy and ran slow. It has received a lots of appeals for upgrades of Home regarding battery drainage and overall improvement of launcher.

Is it a The End for Facebook Home?

Facebook Home is available for download in the Play Store. It is there but without any update past 6 months and according to news Facebook has stopped working on the project of Home. This can be an indication of the demise of Home. This is a matter of sheer disappointment that the launcher which once ushered tge path for launcher concept is now closing down. However Facebook has stated that their team is working on Home and the service will continue to work for users worldwide.

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