Facebook to cut down clickbait from users' news feeds
Facebook to cut down clickbait from users' news feeds

Facebook launches App Center

Facebook yet again dazzled its users by introducing a thunderbolt feature called “App Center”. Socialization has always been the forte of Facebook Inc. But adding an extended version of entrepreneurship, using the in-app purchases, has added a cherry to the cake. App center is a catalog of Apps, created by developers, designed to attract mobile app users through Facebook (eg. Android).

facebook app center page

A mobile app user can browse for an App through Facebook from his device or on Web and use it, provided the app is compatible to the device. If the app requires installation, then the device can go for an installation through Facebook using Facebook login and it will be sent for a download from the respective App Store. Thus to cut the story short, a Facebook App Center is nothing but an App Store which works for Facebook.

Facebook includes an App in the App center based on the user ratings and their engagement. The higher the ratings, the greater becomes the chance of the App being displayed in the App center. Thus App Center is a place worth rejoicing for an App developer as well as an App User.

Facebook enables integration of most of its components when it comes to Apps. Be it News Feed, Notification or Social Plugins, Graph API and Platform Dialogs. A developer can build an App using any programming language that enhances web programming such as Java, C#, Python etc. The Apps’ URL is then loaded on to a Canvas Page which resembles to a blank canvas that tests the app. In order to attract the crowd towards the App, Facebook utilizes its already existing components. This is the time when the integration of components comes into picture. Facebook uses News feeds, Timeline, Notifications, Bookmarks etc to draw the traffic more and more. A user can access Facebook App Center on the web and on iOS or Android.

An App Developer needs to create a Detail Page for his App that appears in the App Center Section in the Developer App. It is a precondition for the App to get enlisted in the App Center. When a non-user browses for the App, this is the page that he gets to encounter with. So basically, the detail page is the captivating page of the App which the developer needs to use constructively to attract the users. One can upload images, feed details pertaining to the App following which one has to configure for permission from Facebook. These Apps get reviewed on Priority basis and then are displayed on App center.

While launching App Center, a Facebook spokesperson remarked, “The App Center gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful.”
As thrilling as it sounds, Facebook App Center is certainly worth being a part of. Don’t miss this wild ride for the world!!! No wonder, you will just love it. Or as they say these days.. Heart It!!

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