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Google may head towards China with a censored Play Store

With a country as big and populated as China, who would not try to ammend a bad busienss relationship? Such has been the case for Google who is trying to make its way towards China for another time with a revamped Play Store. China is known for its strict monitoring and regulatory laws which has made he country block services like Gmail and Google Docd since 2011. Sooner new additional entiries have been made to list. The services banned by China are YouTube, Videos, Yahoo and many more. Each of these services have been substituted by their Chinese counterparts.

Google may head towards China with a censored Play Store

Now Google want to regain its lost faith from China by ameliorating the new Play Store content and features. The Play Store has been revamped in such a way that it abides by the Chinese Government regulations and will launch only after getting approval from China Government.

Apart from improving and censoring the Play Store for a China launch, several other factors have added up which can draw the conclusion that Google is gradually making its way to China again. It’s been reported that Google is rolling out an Android M version for many Chinese Android smartwatches which is another indicative of the credibility of thr rumor. Another factor is that Google is also planning to offer new promotional incentives to phone makes so that they can upgrade their Android phones to the latest versions.

Google has been reached out for conclusion but the company hasn’t replied yet.

Source: Neowin

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