Your Guide To 000webhost.Com – A Quick Review On This New, Free Provider Of Website Hosting

In case you are someone who wants to have your website circling on the net, you might want to know about because it is the best free provider of web hosting today. Well, don’t be scared as starting up your website is no big deal in the 21st century. Also, not much of knowledge regarding development technology is required. All you need to do is buy or get a web hosting plan and a good name for your domain.  And tada! Your website is ready to make its way into the world of internet.

Web hosting is a service that helps individuals and organizations to create and post their websites on the internet. It is a business that provides technological help and required services needed for the cause. Websites are stored or hosted on special and powerful computers called servers.


Well, is a company that provides free and premium quality web hosting service. It hosts almost all the small websites that you across on the internet. It has various plans; a free and two paid plan options for you to choose from. It also supports many databases; for example – PHP, MySQL, c panel, etc. it encourages no unnecessary advertisements. Although there are certain issues regarding lack of security and inefficient planning in the free plan, is one of greatest provides in recent times.


Exciting Features Of 000webhost.Com


  1.    One of the very few free website hosting providers that proudly claim for 99% guaranteed uptime. You probably know that a high uptime is an absolute necessity. Web hosting service providers do some technical changes in the hardware and settings of configuration that last 30-45 minutes. Most of their servers reach an excellent height of 99 % uptime.
  2. is the proud holder of the topmost portion when it comes to providing excellent free website hosting service for free and no advertisements. All you need is just to sign up, and you are, good to go ahead. It has several paid plans to match your requirements.  So go ahead and host your web page; no more worries about hefty fees to be paid.
  3.    Curl, Zend, fopen, PHP sockets, GD2, XML, loncube loader, htaccess, etc. are completely supported by Also, they support PHP, MySQL databases without almost any restrictions. It provides you with free c panel website hosting panel [admin panel]. It supports you with almost all kinds of databases that you need. Latest versions of MySQL and PHP are available for use. 1000 MB of disk space and a bandwidth of 10 GB are also provided alongside.
  4.     It is the first provider of free website hosting services that give you the feature of Autoinstaller. With the help of this one click installer, installing popular scripts has become a child’s play. Also, you can improvise your website with just a few clicks; by doing this, you can add a forum or add a gallery. Over 50 most popular scripts, for example – Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OS commerce, etc., can be installed with the help of this feature by
  5.    The free hosting service provided by is equipped with a free website builder. You just need to follow three steps; select your favourite template design, add content, and click the publish button, your website will be ready. In case you want a gallery, a subpage or a contact form to be created, you’re just another click away.
  6.    You can also make money online. All you need to do is be an affiliate of the company and get a unique link of reference. Promote the link and their banners, and you will get paid at the rate of 1 dollar per reference to a user.


The Plans And Their Price

free web hosting

  1.    Free hosting – with 1000MB of disk space, 10000 MB bandwidth, five email forwarders, 2 MySQL databases, two websites, a website builder, free hosting of the domain, sleep time of 1 hour it is a solid plan for at absolutely zero cost.
  2.    Premium-silver hosting – with an unlimited figure of websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD of disk space, unlimited of MySQL databases, a simple website builder, 3x optimized speed of WordPress, free domain name and 0 sleep hours, this is simply worth the price; cost / month- 3.49 dollars only.
  3.    Business-gold hosting – with the features of the premium plan, it also has the 5x soptimized speed of WordPress, daily backups, 2x memory and processing power, free of SSL certificate, this plan is simply gold; cost/ month – 7.49 dollars only.


Why use –

  • The affiliate program is a great way for you to earn money
  • It has the silver and gold plans for those who want to host websites that provide services on a large scale.
  • Setting up a website within moments is not a matter of deal because of the one click installer feature and free website builder
  • In case you are new in this platform, is the bset option because of the excellent free services that it provides.
  • An uptime of 99 percent is extremely good for any website.
  • It provides all the latest PHP and MySQL features.
  • It provides you with all kinds of database support that you need.

Cons of –

  • Most of the good features like SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, security, zero sleep hours are for only paid users.
  • The free version has no unlimited usage.
  • The reward program is deceiving since to reach the 100 dollar limit is almost impossible.
  • Paid plans offer better technical support and service. is good for small scale websites .its free plan is the best that you can get today. However, for large scale websites, you require using the paid plans which are better than the free plan but slightly less efficient compared to their competitors in the market. Hence, choose wise tread well.


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