How is facial recognition technology used in payment transactions?

There’s only one feature of payment transactions that we value the most – it’s safety. In order to be safer online, people use various methods; for example, they purchase VPNs. It’s always a good idea to be safer, and once you see Vypr VPN reviewed by VPNCompare, you will understand why. 

But, there are plenty of other ways to increase the security of our transactions. After all, there are no jokes, when money is involved. Currently, there’s a lot of security layers, for example, 2FA or fingerprint authentication. But, some companies are already testing the use of facial recognition technology. Below, you can learn more about how it can be used.

Age verification

Some products are age-restricted. Thanks to the computer with facial technology, instant verification retailers will be able to check whether they can sell a product or not. When a computer detects that a customer is underaged, they won’t be able to purchase age-restricted products. It can also eliminate the use of fake IDs.

Online shopping

We purchase more and more products on Internet platforms. E-shopping is a massive convenience because we can get the delivery straight into our home, or we can choose to pick it up in-store. Sadly, it is also an opportunity for thieves to steal the product easily. If somebody is able to overcome the current protection level, nothing stops them from taking an item that you purchased. With the use of facial recognition technology, such a problem would cease to exist – you’d be the only one who can claim the product.

This advanced technology is not only used in transactions, though. The opportunities that facial recognition technology provides are very wide, and if you’d like to learn more about them, take a look at the infographic below, provided by VPN compare:

How is facial recognition technology used in payment transactions?

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