how eyes affect mobile

How Technology Affects Your Sleep?

how eyes affect mobile

We’ve all heard it: stay away from your phones or tablets or laptops or risk your melatonin levels being suppressed which will lead you to struggles in your sleep. In fact, you will always hear how negative technology is to your sleep and why you should run away from it. Some go as far as recommending you to rely on a candle-lit dinner and a romantic candle session in your moments prior to bed all in an attempt to keep off from the effects of technology. There is truth in every rumor, but once it’s exaggerated, it gets tiring, to say the least.

The thing you don’t get to hear on a daily basis is how technology will help improve your sleep. As a matter of fact, it’s through technology that we get the best sleep from the best mattresses, scientifically assembled through different layers to offer you maximum comfort for all your sleeping styles. In fact, it doesn’t end there. The benefits technology will bring about to your sleep are a whole handful. It’s about time someone addressed these too.

Tools and Devices That Will Have You Sleep Like a Baby

mobile affect eyes

Technology will come in different forms – doesn’t matter whether it’s some tools you’ve purchased on some electronic online shop or on your local store or some aid you get from the very devices they tell you to keep a mile away when in bed. So what are these gadgets and assists that I’m talking about that you’ve probably not heard of?


Have you ever done yoga before and experienced the fuss everyone talks about concerning the exercises? Have you ever gone into a deep state of meditation that you found such inner peace and relaxation you don’t usually get on a daily basis? Well, here is Calm, an app that offers you a guided form of meditation as you slowly sleep to slumberland. The cooling effect from the app has had it receive thousands of positive reviews over the years showing just how effective some sensational instrumental can be for your sleep.

Smart Nora

“Ngrrrrr!” The constant sound of someone snoring at night will have you clenching your fists tight to prevent yourself from bringing some serious damage upon their face. You don’t have to worry anymore – Smart Nora has your back. The device is usually inserted inside a pillow at night. The minute you or your partner starts getting in that snoring fete, you don’t have to wake them up anymore. The device will automatically adjust the pillow thus allowing for natural breathing to continue. Smart, right?

Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask

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Still finding it hard to shut your eyes after what seems like hours in bed? You need a device that will tell you exactly what your problem might be. This gadget will record your sleep stats and sleeping habits, send it to an app where you can conveniently access on your phone. Once you have your sleep analysis, you are much enabled to know how to improve your sleep.

Lully Sleep Guardian

mobile affect eyes

There’s nothing as sexy as peacefully observing your kid going into a peaceful state of sleep. Parents can attest to this and Lully knows this too. The device is placed under the kid’s bed and conveniently controlled from an app on your phone. It’s a Bluetooth enabled device which is placed under the child’s mattress and releases gentle vibrations which help the kid sleep.

See; technology can be a good thing for you if used in the right manner. You don’t have to fuss anymore about how your smartphone screens are destroying your eyeballs. They can actually be a source of blessing to you and your family in general. Nonetheless, simple practices will help you avoid the negative effects of bright light at night which have a number on your melatonin. For instance, try keeping away from your screens some 30-minutes before bed. Nighttime is you time after all; you time involves family since they are a part of you. Once again, kudos to technology!

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