How To Add A Friend To Your Restricted List On Facebook?

All of us use Facebook and we know that we have many friends and acquaintances whom we personally so not prefer in our life, but have to keep them in our friends’ list just for the sake of society. There are some curious people, who are camouflaged as our friends or relatives and present on our Facebook friend list but their main motive is to keep an eye on our whereabouts, our photos and our lives.

You can relate to all that I am saying. It is very difficult to remove them from our account, but at the same time, keeping them is leaking our privacy into the outside world through a negative channel. So, what to do? Well, Facebook has a wonderful way out for such situations. This is called the Restricted List.

The Restricted List is a special list where you can add friends whom you cannot delete but also do not want to show your posts. You will still be friends on Facebook, but they can only see the posts which are shared with the Public. The posts shared with Only Friends cannot be seen by them. Again, if you have common friends who have also been tagged in your posts, then also the Restricted friends cannot see your posts via their profiles.

So, you have your colleagues in your Friend list and you do not want to showcase them your personal life? Simply add them to the Restricted list and get rid of all the plausible menace. Always remember to make your posts available for only Friends. If you make them public, the restricted friends will also be able to see them.

In the following tutorial, I shall show you how to add someone from your Facebook friend list to the restricted list.

    1. Go to your Friend’s profile. Just beside the Friend’s option, there is a down arrow, which when clicked, opens a drop down box. Select Add to Another List. restricted list
    2. Now, scroll down past all the list and select Restricted. Restricted
    3. When you select it, you will get a warning message that this friend of yours won’t be able to see your posts, unless shared for Public. warning
    4. That’s all!
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