How to Delete Your Tinder Account?

Tinder is now the hottest app in the internet that is helping millions of people find their partner or life. If you are trying to find a partner for relationship, then you have to find your Tinder match. By downloading the app, you have to login to your Facebook account for creating a Tinder account.

So one thing you can understand that your Facebook profile is a must for Tinder. So once you have created a profile in Tinder all your Facebook friends who are on Tinder can see your profile. If you are new on Tinder and want to delete your Tinder account linked to your Facebook account, then read this article.
Before writing the steps to delete your account, let me share some important information. Remember, logging out does not mean your account getting deleted. So “log out” option will you out of Tinder but account will still be visible. If you want to remain on Tinder but don’t want others to find out then you can turn off the Visibility option available in Settings.
Now read the following steps to delete your Tinder account.
1. Tap on your Profile tab. Your profile will appear. Click on Settings.
 tinder settings
2. Scroll down at the end of the app page. You will find the “Delete Account” option. Tap on it.
delete account
3. Next, Tinder will ask you if you want to delete the account or Pause the account. For your information, you can also pause your account for the time being if you do not want to delete the account permanently. If you want to pause your account then select it, else choose Delete My Account.
pause or delete
4. Next the app will ask you why you want to delete your account? Choose the relevant option.
delete tinder
5. Next, the confirmation dialog box will appear. At this stage you can either hide your account or simply delete it. If you want to permanently remove your trace from Tinder, tap on Delete.
delete my tinder account
That’s all!
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