How to get YouTube Picture in Picture feature in your computer?
How to get YouTube Picture in Picture feature in your computer?

How to get YouTube Picture in Picture feature in your computer?

The mobile app version of YouTube is much more flexible and feature rich as compared to the web version. In the mobile app of YouTube you can view a particular video at same time browse other videos in the YouTube app. The video appears like a pop up window and browsing other YouTube videos can be done without interrupting the video play. Unfortunately, this level of freedom is not there for the web version. Hence YouTube Picture in Picture Chrome extension is there for you to provide a somewhat similar ambiance as that of a mobile app.

The extension size is small and it’s very transparent and simple to use. You need to install the YouTube Picture in Picture extension and the app will start running. When the extension is enabled, the videos will continue to play in a picture-in-picture window when you navigate away from the page. You can re-open video page at any time without any interference. The YouTube Picture in Picture feature starts with the right click menu.

youtube picture in picture

However, the extension is not free from bugs despite of its utility. Since the app is in Beta version, many features are not supported. For e.g., the Autoplay is not currently supported. It’s been a bit difficult to incorporate the feature in the extension. Other bugs that can be encountered by users are when you leave a video page and the the audio continues to play but without video. Two videos will stack on top of each other and another bug is that Theater mode is not currently supported. New fixes for bugs are coming bu if anything goes wrong, the develope advises you to open a new tab!

Download YouTube Picture in Picture from here.

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