How To Remove DRM Protection From Spotify Music With Tuneskit Spotify Converter Application For Windows

Why You Need To Remove DRM From Spotify?

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the biggest online hub for music. You can stream music from this humongous audio streaming platform but one thing that will refrain you from enjoying full experience of the songs across all your devices irrespective of the platform is the DRM protection. DRM protection is nothing but a set of protocols that defines how the songs or the files of a particular service should be accessed by any user. Spotify imposes an added layer of protection called DRM protection on its content. Even though DRM provides security, but users are not happy with it since its inception. It has even divided corporate houses into two distinct divisions, one group who always speak in favour of DRM while the other speaking against it.

Amid all these dilemmas and conflict, Spotify users are very disappointed with this DRM protection because it does not allow them to copy their downloaded songs and listen to devices of any other platform even though they have subscribed the service with hefty amount. For all these reasons, you need a good software that can remove DRM protection from your devices and you can enjoy listening to the songs anytime anywhere.

About TunesKit Spotify Converter Application

TunesKit Spotify Converter is a smart DRM removal software that can remove DRM restrictions from Spotify songs. Check out its important features:

  • TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify has the ability to download music from Spotify even on free subscriptions. It also allows you to remove Digital Rights Management Protection from the music streaming service and convert the songs or albums into friendly audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B. When the songs are converted and stored in the output files, you can take the songs on any device you want such as mobile, laptops, MP3 players, home theaters, car music system, car radio, etc.
  • As mentioned before, with this software, you won’t even need to subscribe with money. TunesKit Spotify Converter can download songs on free subscription mode.
  • The performance of the software is exceedingly fast. It can convert songs with a speed 5 times as fast as its competitor and hence, the download is complete within a few seconds.
  • The user interface is very subtly crafted and allows users to convert their songs with minimal clicks and taps.
  • You can also rip songs via recording, and the sound quality is intact. The application has a special ability of noise reduction on the final output songs.
  • The conversion process is 100% lossless as it combines the cutting edge DRM music decryption technology which can flawlessly remove encryption.
  • The converted files have their ID3 tags with information such as artist, track number, year, genre, composer, etc .

Steps To Remove DRM Protection From Tuneskit Spotify Converter Application For Windows

  1. First of all, download TunesKit Music Converter for Windows. When the .exe file is downloaded, double tap on it to run the executable file. The first thing the app asks you to do is to accept the terms and conditions. Tap on “I Accept the agreement” and continue.                                                
    Tuneskit Spotify Converter
  2. Follow the instructions and complete the installation process. The installation takes very short time to accomplish. When it is done, click on Finish. The application then opens and it looks something like this. 
  3. You must login to your Spotify account before proceeding with the conversion process. In case, you haven’t installed the Spotify application, then first do it.
  4. Next, copy the Spotify track link and paste it  on the app where the option says “Put Spotify Track Link here”.  Next, at the top, there is a menu which opens further scope for customizing the conversion settings.  When all selections have been made, click on Convert. Check the converted files in the Output location. 
  5. That’s all about using the application.


The application is straight forward without any gimmicks. It is flexible, platform friendly and feature rich.

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