How To Increase Or Decrease the Handwriting Stroke Width on Google Indic Keyboard ?

While using the keyboard excessively, the thumbs get injured in the long run. An increasing rate of trigger finger and many such physiological issues made the developers bring the handwriting mode to Android smartphones and devices. While the handwriting feature is optimized for Note type devices where the smartphone comes with a pen, but the note tablets are not the only devices who can use the handwriting input. Anyone can use it. The handwriting thickness is set to a default value based on users’ feedback, but the stroke width may not be suitable for everyone. For example, if the user is an aged person, he or she may exert different pressure while writing. In that case, he/she can change the handwriting thickness and set it to an optimum value. Again, you can increase the value or simply set the normal value by tapping on the normal button. In this, article, I shall show you how doing that.

Steps To Increase Or Decrease the Handwriting Stroke Width on Google Indic Keyboard for Android

1. Open any chat or writing on an application where you might need the keyboard. Tap on the emoticon icon and click on Settings. You can go to the keyboard settings from the Phone Settings menu. Select Google Indic Keyboard Settings.

google indic keyboard

2. As the Google Indic Keyboard settings open, choose Handwriting.

google keyboard settingst

3. You will come across an option called the Handwriting Stroke Width. By default, the handwriting stroke value is set to a normal value.

stroke width

4. If you want to decrease the handwritin stroke width, move the slider pointer backward and if you want to increase thickness of the stroke, move it forward. If you want to get back to the default value, tap on normal.

stroke width

That’s all!

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