iWatch separate App Store
iWatch separate App Store

Apple iWatch Apps – who’s writing the apps?

Apple iWatch is the most talked about news of Apple nowadays. Even though it has been speculated that the device will be launched by early 2015 but interests about iWatch is soaring high. Now the main question is what will be the software running in the device and what third party apps and widgets will be fortunate. Apple code is certainly not only of them and hence we are inquisitive about the software and application support of iWatch.

Apple iWatch Apps - who's writing the apps

We heard that Apple has become over fastidious about the SDK access to third parties. As far as we got to know, Apple is selecting some extremely high profile developers for writing iWatch Apps and one of them for sure is Facebook. No other developers have been officially named so far but we can think that other similar apps like Twitter, Snapchat and some other apps will be given permission. It’s definitely a matter of time and everything will be disclosed on the D day. But till then we will keep you updated with the bits and pieces of news we collect.

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