Facebook developers run Doom on Apple Watch and Apple TV

Facebook developers run Doom on Apple Watch and Apple TV

Often games are run on devices in order to check their hardware performances. So certain games are there which are developed in order to check the benchmark ratings. One such game is the Doom which is developed for many smartphones. Recently Facebook developer Lior Tubi developed the Doom game exclusiely

Apple Watch revealed: ultimate ecstasy in a smartwatch

Apple Watch revealed

After a lot of brouhaha about the Apple iWatch, Apple has finally announced its smartwatch along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The smartwatch which has been popularly called iWatch will not inherit the rumored name. It will be simply known as the Apple Watch. Just like every other

Apple iWatch Apps – who’s writing the apps?

iWatch separate App Store

Apple iWatch is the most talked about news of Apple nowadays. Even though it has been speculated that the device will be launched by early 2015 but interests about iWatch is soaring high. Now the main question is what will be the software running in the device and what third

iWatch to have a dedicated App Store

iWatch separate App Store

On September 9th, the iWatch by Apple is going to be officially unveiled. Yet another device will be added to Apple's range of product. The release should happen either at Q4 or early next year. It is surely going to get competition from Motorola's Moto 360 which is already available

Apple iWatch price to be as high as $400

Apple iWatch price may be 400 usd

Apple has called for a press meet on 9th September 2014 and in this intermediate phase a lot of speculations are being done on the purpose of the event. It's rumored that Apple is planning to launch two of its biggest gadgets- the iPhone 6 and iWatch. We still don't

Apple iWatch to make its appearance on September 9

iWatch Concept

Apple has been particular in maintaining privacy about the iWatch and none could peer through the walls. But now a strong source has managed to gather information that Apple iWatch is going to make its first Public appearance on September 9, 2014. We heard that the smartwear will release

Apple’s iWatch may predict heart attacks

Apple is rumored to set its foot in the health care industry with some important and much awaited innovations. Apple is going to include a sensor for detecting heart attack in the new wearable gadget iWatch. Apple recently hired Tomlinson Holman, THX pioneer in the audio division and this