Jabra Elite 75T

Jabra Elite 75T Review: Ultimate Audio Experience At Pocket Friendly Price

Check out the review of Jabra Elite 75T Review:

Jabra Elite 75T Review

Amazing Look And Super Comfortable Fit

Jabra 75T earphones have plastic body and are crafted carefully, in concurrence with the anatomy of the ears. Therefore, the earphones do not stick outside the ears, fit comfortably, and the light weight does not create any sense of discomfort to the ears. There are three earbuds provided in the package, which are of different sizes. So, you can always try all the three buds and check out which buds are made for your ears. One of the amazing aspects of these earphones is the credibility of their fittings. No matter how much you run or exercise, they will not fall off from your ears. Yes, if you laugh aloud or chew food, due to the human facial anatomy, the earbuds will lift a bit. You have to press it back to your ears. This is because the movement of your jaws moves the ears as well!  The overall look of Jabra Elite 75T is chic, matte and minimalistic. The earphones can add a cookie point to your style quotient if you plug them in your ears and go out for running and jogging.

Resistance To Water, Dust, Sweat And Spray Of Water

Jabra Elite 75T earphones are resistant to water, dust, sweat and has the IP55 rating. So, if water spills on the earphones, it will not cause any havoc. Besides, the earphones being a fitness gadget, it can withstand the salt and sweat accumulation with ease.

Jabra Elite 75T Review

Super Sensitive Sensors

The sensors are greatly sensitive to touch and operate with the slightest touch. It’s commendable that the manufacturers have inculcated the subtle and minute details in the gadget, to enhance the user experience. Thus, you do not need to press on the earbuds to operate it. Just a slight touch is enough to make it play. Another important point to mention here, is that all functions can be accessed by touching the surface. You will never need to pull out the earbuds to perform any operation. The left ear bud performs hear through toggle (single press), skip track and side tone call (double press), go to previous track and mute call (press thrice), volume down (hold). The right earbud performs play, pause, answer phone call (single press) , activate voice assistant and reject phone call (double press), putting an ongoing call on hold (press thrice), volume up (hold).

Excellent Noise Cancellation Ability And Hear Through Feature

Jabra Elite 75T has excellent noise cancellation ability. You can barely hear any outside noise or sound of the surrounding. If you are watching a movie in your home, then the noise cancellation feature will give you the ultimate cinematic experience. But if you are driving, or walking on the road with the earbuds plugged in, then turning on the noise cancellation feature is not at all recommended. For that, there is a feature called hear through, which will minimize the filtering effect, and you can hear the horns of vehicles. You can increase and decrease the effect of hearthrough with the help of the app on your smartphone.

Jabra Elite 75T

Great Battery Life

As Jabra claims to render a sturdy battery support, in reality it does. The device can hold up its charge up to 28 hours. When in continuous use, it can run up to 7 to 7.30 hours.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Jabra Elite 75T has a good bass, but somehow the sound tones down and the sound does not have the clarity that I was expecting. The sound is indeed clear, but does not stand apart. But, it happens with many wireless earphones, as the ears take a bit time to adjust to the sound. Besides, the earphones’ sound quality can be customized, toned up or down by fidgeting with the equalizer provided in the app. The sound quality, is quite good and the experience can be ameliorated by tuning them with the Sound+ app.

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