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Jolla smartphone to arrive in India through Snapdeal e-retailer

Well 2014 has been a year of newbies no doubt. Even titans like Microsoft, Apple showing interests in budget phones and Microsoft has already proved it by launching phones with newcomers like Xolo, Lava and many more. Now Jolla is another company launching a new smartphone in India through e retailers Snapdeal. Jolla is a well known name by now but for those who do not know, Jolla is a company founded by ex Nokia professionals.

Jolla smartphone to arrive in India through Snapdeal e-retailer

This approach is Jolla’s first stepping stone to compete in Asian smartphone market and they are making online retailing a major prospect of their mission. The smartphone launched by Jolla was known as ‘Jolla Phone’ simply. the operating system Jolla was working upon while at Nokia was known as Maemo/Meego operating system while at Nokia and continued to work on the platform now known as “Sailfish OS” after after they founded Jolla. This phone has already arrived in many European countries and China among Asian countries.

Indian smartphone market is flourishing day by day and hence the phone market of India is lucrative to all phone manufacturers. According to Jolla’s Co-founder and CMO, Sami Pienimäk, “India is the rising smartphone market of the world and we look forward to welcoming many new Jolla fans across the country. Since late 2011 when we established the company Jolla, we have received a tremendous amount of interest from India to enter this great market.” Nokia had been impeccably popular in India and this reputation has energized Jolla to enter into the market.

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