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LifePaint: Volvo designs a life saving paint for bikers

Owing to the increasing rates of Bike and cycle accidents mostly at night, Volvo has designed a special paint for bikers. The paint is known as LifePaint which has a special reflective property that can reflect all the light falling on it. The paint is such that, when applied, it cannot be seen on daylight. But at night, when flashlight if a car behind the biker falls on it, light will be reflected back and the bike can be clearly seen. The reflection intensity increases as the car approaches closer. LifePaint can be applied on tires, mudguard, handrail and even on the jacket and backpack of the rider. With the increasing rate of accidents, it’s surprising that such a product has been launched from a car manufacturer.


LifePaint will last for at most ten days and it is washable. So there leaves a large gap in its safety during rainy seasons. The paint is right now available in limited quantity. As of now, Volvo is offering LifePaint in six London- and Kent-area bike shops. More stocks will be made available on how it fares in these test areas.

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