Mobile Security – Is It Reality or Hallucination?

The mobile phone revolution has attacked everyone and the Smartphone sales are on an all time high. With the usage of the Smartphone increase so does the misuse or the security breach of the same. The Smart phones are the most attacked ones. The security is the chief concern while using these. One can never be sure if it is safe. But as long as there are no unwanted apps downloaded or the phone was not missing for a while or simply left somewhere even for a little time one can assume that his/her phone is still secured. It is a different matter if any unexpected events happen. To install a spyware, it takes only a few minutes and your phone will be the target of spies and they can access all the info from the phone simply sitting anywhere in the world. If the phone happens to have any confidential info in it, consider it to be no longer confidential.

But is there a way we can find out if there are any spyware installed? The answer is yes and no. There are low grade spywares that can be fished but most of the advanced spywares are safe and secure against any fishing net. If the spyware is installed by any wrong group it is not just the phone but the life of the owner itself is in danger. There are many apps for so many functions that are free to download. But most of them could be malware that can harm the phone without anyone knowing. Many of the apps that seem genuine might be silently working in the background and will be doing harm to the phone or will be spying on you.

The threat to the mobile phone security is from many. There are people who just want to spread some malware and damage the devices. Some are interested in hacking the data stored in the phones. Some others do this security breach just to enjoy themselves the satisfaction of attacking the vulnerabilities of the device.

The spywares are able to make calls or messages through the target phones and trap the owner. When the calls are recorded and sent to a third party the privacy of the owner is at stake. They can even disable the phone or SIM and strip it off of any use. The security breach happens not necessarily by software only. It can happen through messages also. If any message that contain harmful virus is opened, then the phone is under attack. Bluetooth app is also under the scrutiny. If the Bluetooth of the phone is turned on it is vulnerable to outsiders and any file transferred can attack the phone.

In short mobile security is as much a hallucination as it is a reality. All the vulnerability are just possibilities and may not happen all the time so the mobile phone is secure enough. But when the attack might happen, no one can predict. In that case the security of the mobile phone is a hallucination.

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