How Should You Monetize a New Blog?

You’ve got a new blog – maybe it’s been running for a few days or a few weeks. Now the question popping in your mind must be that how should I monetize the blog so that I can earn money from it. It seems that you have really arrived at the right place because in this article we will discuss about how to monetize your blog. We would namely discuss three possible ways:

monitize new blog

1) Affiliate Links

Yet affiliate merchandising at times attains a bad repute, it’s a straight path way to realizing money, and it makes a win-win-win circumstance for you, your subscriber, and the product maker. Several digital products provide with an affiliate program, in which you can sign up to make commission on any kind of sales event you yield. If you possess any kind of digital products, search for an “Affiliates” division on their website, or reach the creator to question if there ought an affiliate program. Frequently, you’ll receive a 50% discount. If you really want to advertise physical products, Amazon will contribute to you a meager percentage of the sales generated; this could function out very well if you blog about laptops, cameras, phones, or for that matter anything else where subscribers are probably to purchase high-valued offerings.

2) Services

Making a product directly is likely going to consume greater time than you have – but what are your views about marketing a service rather? Don’t undervalue yourself in this place. Skills that may look like secondary in nature to you might be very useful to somebody else. Let’s take for example that you’ve commenced ten blogs and you’re now an expert at installing WordPress, assembling plugins, fine-tuning themes, and so on. You could provide blog set-up to people who are not so much techie heeded.

3) Social Pages

Many a new bloggers try to monetize their respective blogs or websites by placing ads. Of course it’s a great way to earn money with the help of the traffic existing in your website. Here I suggest that placing ads is considered better than compared to services or affiliate links. Here as the visitor browses through the site and clicks on the ad consequently revenue might be generated for the merchandising site of the ads and hence the merchandising site pays the blog site. Also a more popular way to popularize your blog is by making the official home page of the websites in various social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter etc. Here you can provide the links to the blog and invite more amount of organic traffic to your website. These social pages all the more aid in building the popularity of the blog thereby increasing the traffic.

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