Free Tools To Lock Or Password-Protect Apps On Android

5 Best Free Tools to Password-Protect Apps On Android

The privacy of a smartphone is really something that can’t be neglected. Android OS does permit users to include a passcode lock to their lock screen, but several customers find it very awkward and would instead jeopardize their data arriving into the wrong hands than give the PIN or pattern lock each time.

Free Tools to Password-Protect Apps On Android


As the name tells you, AppLock provides users with the capability to password protect selected or all Android apps on installed on their devices. Once installed, the app necessitates you to assemble up a passcode lock and also a recovery email address, after the process it displays all the apps installed on your Android device. In addition to these, you can preclude other users from attending incoming calls or installing apps, browsing settings, even Google Play store and the task manager.

Smart App Protector

Different from AppLock, Smart App Protector arrives with some additional characteristics, with the most outstanding making up the Observer mode, which looks after unlocking of the apps and also after failed tries, takes a snapshot of the trespasser with the front-facing camera. Other lineaments include several unlocking methods (passcode, pattern lock and gestures), remote control and custom-made themes.

Perfect App Protector

This tool arrives with extra utile lineaments, one of them is a ‘Stealth Mode’ that conceals the app itself from the launcher sfotware. Jus like other similar apps, it also boasts anti-force removal; it includes itself to the Device Administrators to forbid users from removing it. Some other lineaments include an unreal fingerprint scanner, unreal error pop-ups, screen filter and rotation lock.

Visidon Applock

This app is a bit dissimilar from the ones mentioned above. Visidon Applock utilizes facial identification technology to ensure the apps. Before you switch on the locking service, it demands users to fix up an substitute password that can be utilized to unlock the apps if face identification doesn’t work. Throughout our testing, the app acknowledged the recorded face on the first attempt.

Smart Lock

Besides apps, Smart Lock also provides users the capability to secure particular media files and folders and even contacts also. The application displays three tabs: Apps, Media and Contacts. The Apps tab shows the list of all the engaged applications while the Media tab will display you all the pictures, videos and audio files on your device. The Contacts is not yet usable, but the developers states that it will be declared shortly.

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