New study reveals the messaging app that saves you the most data

In the era of the internet, we are constantly bothered by the data consumed by the apps of our smartphones. Some apps are there that consume data even in the background while some apps consumes negligible data. An Italian operator SosTariffe has recently studied the data consumption by apps. It has revealed the list of applications that consume the least amount of data. The applications that were tested includes WhatsApp, Hangouts, Line, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

messaging app

The usage has been divided into three circumstances- light consumption, media consumption and heavy consumption.
Light Consumption: 20 sent messages, 20 received messages, 5 photos received, 2 photos sent.
Medium consumption: 40 sent messages, 40 received messages, 10 photos received, 5 photos sent.
Heavy consumption: 100 sent messages, 100 received messages, 50 photos received, 20 photos sent.

The result has been shown in the image above. From the image, it is clear that Telegram and WhatsApp performed best. The data consumption is minimum for these two apps. Facebook Messenger and Skype eat the maximum data. hogged a lot of data, especially as the consumption levels increased. The study is important as they give you an idea of the apps that are consuming your data pack. You can also control data usage by choosing the right application. These studies help users to make a more informed decision about which messaging platform to use going forward, and thus which one will help them conserve data.

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